Why won't my grill stay lit?

I have a Kenmore grill(141-16221)and it won't stay lit. New burners. I light with a match then out.

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Since the grill will light, there is fuel getting through but it seems like the volume of fuel is too low to maintain a flame. That indicates a supply or delivery problem.

First check that your tank is full enough. If you have another unit that hooks to a tank, try this bottle on it to be sure or try another bottle on your grill.

Next, this model is intended to light with the tank valve set at ¼ to ½ turn open only and with only the left control knob open and only in the High position.

If the tank valve was opened too far the regulator might jam and you may need to purge the system and reset the regulator per the owner’s manual instructions. You should take those steps each time a new tank is attached. see images below

If there is still no improvement in the gas flow you may have a damaged regulator that needs to be replaced but you may want to call the Grill Information center for confirmation at 1-888-317-7642.




I just wanted to say thank you! I had the same problem and your answer, along with the images, helped me fix an issue that had plagued me for a while. Thanks again!