Save Dollars and Sensors with Dryer Maintenance

inspect clothes dryer

A lint clog makes your dryer work harder and longer to dry a load. Lint is also a fire hazard. To keep your dryer operating at peak efficiency, make sure it can vent moist air easily.

Time — 30 minutes
Difficulty — Easy
Expertise — None
Frequency — Once a year
Where — All US


  1. Check your dryer's venting system for any pinches, crimps, or restrictions in the vent hose.
  2. Check the vent hood outside, to make sure it is clean and that the flapper door opens all the way when the dryer is operating.
  3. If you suspect your dryer vent is partially obstructed with lint, use a vent brush to clean the inside of your duct.
  4. The majority of newer dryers have moisture sensor bars behind the lint filter housing. Fabric softeners can leave a film on the sensor bars that decrease their accuracy, so if you use softeners, wipe the bars with a clean rag dampened with rubbing alcohol.
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