How to Get Enough Ice From Your Icemaker

Sometimes you just need a lot of ice — a sultry summer day, a party, a sprained ankle. That's not when you want to discover your ice maker's limits. So it helps to know what you can expect from your ice maker and how to be prepared for the times when you need more ice than usual.

Normal Ice-Making Capacity

Depending on the brand and model, a refrigerator with an ice maker in the door makes approximately 70 to 110 cubes within a 24-hour period. Your refrigerator's ice-making capacity varies, depending the freezer temperature and the kitchen's temperature and how often you open the refrigerator.

Ice Bucket Capacity

The ice storage bins found in most major-brand residential refrigerators hold about 100 ice cubes. A 12-ounce glass typically holds 8 to 10 cubes, while a 16-ounce glass can take 10 to 12 cubes. So your ice container may only hold about 10 to 12 glasses of ice. That amount of ice may well leave your party high and dry after the first hour, unless you plan accordingly.

Be Prepared

If you are planning for an occasion that will need plenty of ice, make ice ahead of time. Many refrigerators come with an extra ice bucket in the freezer compartment to store extra ice, so you can prepare for days when ice use is going to be higher than normal.

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