How can I get my Kenmore air purifier to run properly?

I have a Kenmore model 85264 air purifier. (About 2 years old) My unit was shutting off after a half hour of use, with the "Clean Cell" light lit. So I cleaned the pre-filter and cell. Also I cleaned the inside of the unit too. I took it apart and reassembled it a second time. Now the unit stays on for about two hours, then shuts off and the "Check Cell" light blinks. How can I get my unit to run properly again?

Anna T

After following the instruction in the owners manual on the Kenmore air purifier, and the problem persist, it may be time for replacement. Please check out the link provided below on this model. Hope this is helpful.

Tykara expert

Thank you for submitting your question. Anna has provided you with good information. The "Clean Cell" reminder is based on an internal timer in the control of the air cleaner. It does not detect the performance of the cell filter. Make sure that you pressed and held the "check cell" button for a full three deliberate seconds (or even a little longer). If the reminder still won't reset then the control or the button on the control has gone bad. You can still use the air cleaner effectively as long as you continue to periodically clean the cell. To fix the reminder, you would need to replace the whole air filter unit. I hope this information helps. Please let me know if I can assist further by replying back to this thread. Thank you for using Manage My Life.