How can I check to see if my water softener is working correctly?

How can I check that my water softener is operating correctly (that it is softening)? I have a Culligan MK 100. Is there a test kit (like a pool test kit) I can use, or take a sample to a store or... Thanks!

Jackie S

A water softener is a very unique water filtration system. It is great to own one. Yes, you cna take a sample of water to your local Sears store to test the hardness of your water. Please refer to the link below for additional information. I also attached a link to locate your local Sears store. I hope this helps!

Sam A expert

Thank you for your question.

I can understand wanting to know if your water softener is giving you soft water.

Jackie S has provided a link to a previous answer by Joey S. that should answer your question.

Sears provides a free service that will test your water and let you know what the hardness level is.

If you put a sample of your water in a small clean glass container and take it to your nearest Sears retail store they will be happy to test your water for hardness level.

Zero to three grains hardness level is considered soft water

If that is not convenient for you, you can order test strips to check the harness of your water in the comfort of your home.

Check the web-site below for the test strips.

Hard water test strips .

I hope this information will help you with testing your water to see if you softener is working properly.

If you need anymore information or have some other questions please reply and I will be happy to help you.

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