Help! One burner on my gas stove won't light.

gas is flowing through the burner but is not lighting. how can i fix it?

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Sam A expert

Thank you for your question on the one of the top burners not lighting when you turn it on.

I can see how that would be a concern when the gas is not light in the burner and it smells of gas and could be potentially dangerous.

When you turn on the burner do you hear the spark igniter working for that burner?

As an experiment remove the burner cap from the burner that is not lighting so you can see the igniter and turn a different burner on to the lighting position to see if you can see the spark at this burner.

No matter what burner valve you turn on the spark should work at all the burners at the same time.

If you do not see a spark at the non lighting burner then it could be the igniter is bad.

If you do see spark at that burner then please check the holes in the burner head to make sure they are open for the gas to get to the spark when you turn the burner on. If the changing gas ports are soiled then clean then out with a tooth pick and wash the soil out of the holes in the burner head.

If that does not help you please provide the model number to your range and a little more detail so I can give you some more detailed troubleshooting tips.

Sam A.